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  • 300+ cars associated with the development, with up to 250 entering/exiting through the alleys. The rest will be forced to park on the street.

  • Increase in alley exit danger with lack of sight due to parked cars

  • Over 70 cars will leave each morning and arrive each evening into the alley behind Choppers, and almost 60 cars will leave each morning and arrive each evening into the alley behind Madison Exchange

  • Increase in garbage, recycling, and moving trucks as well as commercial deliveries 


  • 80+ residents' cars parked in the street

  • 60+ retail cars parked in the street


  • 300+ new residents in an area with little infrastructure to support them

  • Decrease in sunlight/increase in winter ice in alleys of adjacent property owners

  • Decrease in property values for 2 and 3-story property owners if the neighborhood shifts to more rentals of smaller dwellings 

We estimate that two 75-foot apartment buildings on each side of E. Bayaud at S. Madison would bring approximately 160 new residential units* to the center of our neighborhood, in addition to up 8 retail outlets, resulting in:

Two Story Units From 75 Feet Up

Imagine if your home were overlooked by a 75-foot building. Here is drone footage, looking down on Monroe Court Townhomes which sit directly behind Choppers - no more sunshine or privacy; competition with new residents' cars for alley access.

Domino effect: consider the two vacant lots in the 100 block of S. Madison. If rezoning is approved for Madison Exchange, the owner of the vacant lots could potentially add hundreds more apartments and cars through more high-rise development.

* In a January 23, 2020 meeting with a We Agree on Three (WAO3) Steering Committee member, one of the developers said the building where Choppers is now would be approximately 90 units and that the other building would have fewer units. Using that information, WAO3 estimates the total number of residential units would be about 160. 

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