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  • 3400 W Bayaud The owners and developers of this project have recently filed with the city for rezoning to 12 and 5 stories for two properties adjacent to Pulaski Park and very near the proposed Town Center. They are asking the lot be rezoned from C-MX-3 (3 stories) to C-MX-12 (12 stories). The new building would consist of rental apartments with minimal ground level retail. In addition, they may seek to rezone  from 121 S Madison St from C-MX-3 to C-MX-5 and connect it to this building.  This would place a 12 story apartment building towering over Pulaski Park as well as a 5 story building sharing a common wall with and existing 3 story residence.

  • 50 S Steele: The City approved this rezoning to 12 stories.  This project is being developed by Broe and is substantially different from the project originally planned at that location prior to the pandemic.  The proposal includes 5 X 12 story towers. Four would be at a right angle to Steele St. and run east to the alley, the fifth would run parallel to the alley west of Adams. The developer plans 450+ apartment units.

  • 5 Cook St The City approved this rezoning to 8 stories.  This project will eventually add approximately 27 apartment buildings and minimal ground level retail at this site but development is likely years in the future.


Other Development Updates

  • McKinnon Gateway: The City approved this rezoning for 4 stories but at the actual height of 5 story construction. There is no new news on the McKinnon "Gateway" properties at the intersections of Harrison and 1st and Harrsion and Bayaud. We have asked our Council rep. if they can learn more about McKinnon's plans.

  • Gates Tennis Center:  The Gates family is looking to expand the Gates tennis center. Plans for the expansion are not available at this time.

  • Pulaski Park: With potential new developments adjacent to Pulaski park, we would like to learn what amenities you would like to see added to the park. Send email to

  • Zoning Overlay:  The planned CCE zoning overlay presented to the CCE community is in the process of being reviewed by City Planning and other interested groups.

The Cherry Creek East Association Development Committee Activity page keeps good, updated information on all projects, including these. Click here to stay current through the association's site.

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