Five Criteria Denver Considers for Rezoning 

1. Is the rezoning consistent with adopted plans?

NO - Both the Cherry Creek Area Plan 2012 and the Denver Blueprint 2040, completed in May 2019, indicated mixed-use zoning for 3-story buildings. 

2. Does the rezoning further public health, safety and welfare?

NO - The area is already walkable and safe. Adding more residents and vehicles does not further public health, safety, and welfare.

3. Are there circumstances that justify the rezoning?

NO - The area proposed is already zoned for business and serves as a “town center.” The only circumstances that are driving the rezoning are perceived opportunities for profit on the part of the developers.

4. Is the rezoning consistent with the neighborhood context?

NO - The rezoning violates the boundary and scale requirements stated in the Cherry Creek Area Plan.

5. Would it result in consistent regulations for each property with the same zoning designation citywide?

UNKNOWN - Rezoning to build 5-story mixed-use "town center" buildings next to 2 and 3-story residences may be unprecedented in Denver.

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All numbers are preliminary estimates and illustrate a general sense of the likely impacts. Calculations are based on the number of residential units and publicly available statistics, e.g., residents per unit, cars per unit, percentage of people working, percentage of people driving to work, parking spaces required by the City of Denver, etc. References include U.S. Census (updated), Bureau of Labor Statistics, Data USA, and Denver Zoning documents. 

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