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Keep Our Town Center

Zoned 3 Stories

Join us to stop more high-rises in Cherry Creek East!

Low-rise residences dwarfed by high-rise apartments on 3rd & Logan

Hard to imagine a

75- foot wall of apartments next to
2-story residences?

That’s because it’s rarely ever done -

and when it’s done, it’s because neighbors didn’t have the resources to fight wealthy developers. 


But that’s not us in Cherry Creek East.


We’re organized, educated in zoning, full of diverse talents, and motivated to fight


What is We Agree on Three 
fighting for?


  • We're fighting for the zoning promised to us in the 2012 Cherry Creek Area Plan and the 2019 Blueprint Denver 2040.

  • We’re fighting for our property values.

  • We're fighting for the architectural integrity of our neighborhood.

  • We're fighting to stop the domino effect of rezoning to add high-rise buildings throughout our neighborhood - imagine more than 450 new residents and their vehicles along the Bayaud corridor alone.

  • We're fighting for the quality of life of all CCE residents - because we love this neighborhood!

The wall behind their homes: no setbacks, no sun, no privacy, 100's of cars sharing the alley

Rezoning Project Map as of May, 2021

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